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VIPaint will allow you to edit your images very easily
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VIPaint is a simple graphics editor that will allow you to edit your images very easily. The program includes a series of effects that you can apply to your photos such as blur, sandy sky, shifted colors, impression, stamp, black and white photo and black and white dream. You can even apply multiple effects at the same time. Before actually applying the effects, you can see what the image will look like with them, and then click OK to proceed with the changes. Apart from the effects, you will also be able to change the intensity of colors (red, green and blue), replace a color with another one, and adjust brightness. Moreover, there are other paint effects that you can add to your drawing, such as pen, pencil, coal, water color, and rainbow, to name but a few. Unfortunately, the preview option doesn't work for the paint feature, so you will have to directly apply the effect to see what the image looks like. In any case, you can undo the changes if you don't like them.

Unfortunately, the trial version will apply the changes only to a corner of the image and you cannot save the image. It would be great if the program included other editing options apart from the ones described above. The user interface is really simple, but not very attractive.

In conclusion, I really wouldn't recommend buying VIPaint because you may find better image editors for the same or less money.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Many effects


  • Limited editing options
  • Unattractive user interface
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